New Kabuki-za theatre was opened on April 2, 2013.
My name is Kazui Yabe, and I am a female Japanese licensed tour guide and a
  volunteer Japanese language teacher. I have seen Japanese traditional stage arts
  such as Kabuki, Bunraku puppet play and Noh, over 500 times.

●I live very close to the Kabuki-za theatre, Shinbashi Enbujyo Theatre and Tsukiji,
  so I love the traditional neighborhood there, and know a lot of about it.

  The following is a sample of my weekend life:

    -Shopping for fresh whole fish at the Tsukiji wholesale fish market in the morning
    -Lunch at a casual restaurant or sushi-bar at the Tsukiji inside or outside markets
    -Cooking fish for dinner
    -Walking to Kabuki-za theatre, Ginza shopping area etc.


●Seeing Kabuki, Opera and other stage arts                            
●Hiking (the picture above shows me in Norway) 
●Finding and enjoying delicious food, from street stalls to the Michelin starred restaurants all over
  the world

Why did I start this tour?
Kabuki is very a very fascinating performing arts.I have enjoyed Kabuki for many years! I love all peforming arts such as opera and musicals. I wish to share my many experiences and knowledge; to show guests a part of the Japan I love as a Japanese person.
 I want many people to enjoy Kabuki as I do, but I think pople can enjoy Kabuki more with some information before you rent the audio guide (ear phone guide).   

I want many other people to enjoy Kabuki as much as I do, and I think Kabuki will become more enjoyable with extra information before you rent the audio guide (ear phone guide) which only gives you a summary of the play. 

Fortunately, I have already had many chances to take both Japanese and foreign friends to the Kabuki-za theatre. Everyone enjoyed Kabuki very much, whether it was their first time or whether they already had seen Kabuki several times. 

My profound experience in Kabuki and other stage arts helps other people to enjoy, and that my enthusiasm for this kind of art is infectuous.

Sometimes you hear people say they don't like Kabuki. I believe that with some essential information about the art itself and the plays on performance, Kabuki becomes understandable and enjoyable. I am very happy to help with that, in finding and conveying the interesting points of Kabuki theater and its programs. 

I would like to share the fascinating experience of Kabuki with as many other people as possible.      

When did I start this tour?
March 2010, just before the old Kabuki-za theatre was demolished.

My National Guide Certificate registration number

●EN0245 by Governor of Tokyo Metropolis

What is the National Guide Certificate?


●The Guide-Interpreter Business Law (Law No. 210 of 1949) stipulates that only persons who hold
  National Guide Certifications may work as guide-interpreters for a fee.