New Kabuki-za theatre was opened on April 2, 2013.

          The late Kabuki-za theatre

                        May 14.2010


The Kabuki-za theatre, under construction.

                        July 5, 2012

                       The Kabuki-za theatre

                              April 2, 2013

The new Kabuki-za theatre was open on April 2, 2013.

The news on new Kabuk-za theatre on a newspaper in Malaysia!

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Q1. Where is the Kabuki-za theatre located?

          The address is 4-12-14 GInza, Chuo-ku (Chuo ward), Tokyo.
          The closest subway station is Higashi-ginza (Hibiya line & Asakusa line). It is
          only a 20 second walk from the exit 3 of Higashi-ginza station.

          You can also walk to the theatre from Ginza station (Ginza line, Hibiya line & 
          Marunouchi line) in about 5 to 10 minutes.

          Access from Exit 3 of Higashi-ginza station.
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Q2. Why is the Kabuki-za famous?

          Kabuki-za is the only theater in Japan that has shows every month. The late
          building's design was old and unique, registered as a Tangible Cultural Property
          by the Agency for cultural affair in Japanese Government in 2002.

          The new theatre looks much the same as the previous structure that was built 
          in 1950 in traditional Japanese architectural style, characterized by a large,
          tiled roof. But unlike previous versions, right behind it rises a 29-story office 

Q3. Why was the old Kabuki-za demolished?

          The last Kabuki-za was built in 1955 and is quite worn-out. It also didn't offer
          barrier-free access.

          The last show was on April 28, 2010.

          You can see the the picutes of old Kabuki-za and read an article in English on