May 2023 shows

【Kabuki-za theatre】May 2nd-27th (No performance: 10th and 17th)
【Kabuki-za theatre】May 2nd-27th (No performance: 10th and 17th)
【The National Theatre】No performance
【The National Theatre】No performance


【Kabuki-za theatre】

Matinee[Start time: 11:00am, end time:3:00pm(TBC)]

【Performance dates】May 2nd-9th, 11th-16th, 18-27th

【Programs】 Our rating: ★~★★★★★

1. "Kotobuki Soga no Taimen"  ★★★★★

   Historical play. First performed in 1676. Approximately 50 minutes.

2. "Wakakihi no Nobunaga" ★★★

  Historical play (New Kabuki). First performed in 1952. Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

3. "Oto ni Kiku Makoto no Wakamusha" ?

 Historical play. First performed in 2023. Approzimately 1 hour?

Evening show [Start time: 4:00pm, end time: 9:00pm(TBC)]

【Performance dates】May 2nd-9th, 11th-16th, 18th-27th

【Programs】Our rating: ★~★★★★★

1. "Miyajima no Dan-mari" ★★★★ 

     Historical play. First performed in 1842. Approximately 30 minutes.

2. "Dattan" ★★★★

 Dance. First performed in 1967. Approximately 45 minutes.

3. "Kamiyuki Shinza" ★★★

 Domestic play. First performed in 1873. Approzimately 2 hour 15 minutes.

The 3rd show [Start time: 5:30pm, end time: 8:50pm]

【Performance dates】Feb. 2nd-9th, 11th-19th, 21st-25th

【Programs】Our rating: ★~★★★★★

1. "Reigen Kameyama Hoko" ★★★

    Domestic play. First performed in 1822. Act 1&2: 5:30pn-7:35pm, Act 3: 8:05-8:50pm.

【The National Theatre】

Matinee [No performance]

【Performance dates】

【Programas】Our rating: ★~★★★★★

Evening show [No performance]

【Performance dates】

【Programs】Our rating: ★~★★★★★

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