September 2017 shows

【Kabuki-za theatre】September 1st-25th
【Kabuki-za theatre】September 1st-25th
【The National Theatre】 No show
【The National Theatre】 No show

■Kabuki-za theatre■

<Ticket price> Box seat: 20,000 yen, First grade: 18,000 yen, Second grade: 14,000 yen, 3A grade: 6,000 yen, 3B grade: 4,000 yen

   View from the audience seats:  

Kabuki tours are available on your requested dates.   

If you would like more information, we will happy to email you programs and photographs from the shows.

Matinee (11:00am-3:16pm)

Everyday September 1st-25th


1. "Hikosan Gongen Chikai no Sukedachi -Keyamura"

・Drama, our rating: ★★★★★, 11:00am-12:18am, first performed in 1786, a story about a father and his daughter.

2. "Michiyuki Tabiji no Yomeiri"

・Dance, our rating: ★★★★★, 12:48pm-1:21pm, first performed in 1749

3. "Kiwametsuki Banzui Chobe"

・Drama, our rating: ★★★★★, approx. 1:41pm-3:16pm, first performed in 1910, a story about a gallant hero of the populace.

Evening show (4:30pm-9:02pm)

Everyday September 1st-25th


1. Hirakana Seisuiki -Sakaro 

"Drama, our rating: ★★★★★, 4:30pm-6:11pm, first performed in 1753, a story about a worrior

2. Saikai Zakura Misome no Kiyomizu

・Drama, our rating: ★★★★★, Act 1&2 6:41pm-7:58, Act 3 8:08pm-9:02pm, first performed in 1985, a story about a princess and a depraved priest. 

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If you  would like more information, we will be happy to email you programs and photographs from the shows.