Where is Kabuki performed?

Kabuki is performed about for 25 days at two theatres in Tokyo as below.

Kabuki-za Theatre: Every month.

The National Theatre: January, March, June, July, October, November & December.

There are some theatres for Kabuki in other cities, but Kabuki is not performed very often outside Tokyo.


TOKYO KABUKI GUIDE is a special concierge service. We have provided you all information you will need about Kabuki in Tokyo since 2010.

We operate several types of Kabuki tours in order to enhance your Kabuki expeience. We provide advanced tickets, handouts, English summaries etc. in our pre-performance presentations. Tours for people who buy one act tickets and Kabuki-za Gallery tour are also available.

Tailored tours, such as tours for a big group, students etc. are also available. Please feel free to contact us!

Why did you start this service?

I, Kazui Yabe, a Japanese female licenced tour guide and a volunteer Japanese language teacher, have enjoyed Kabuki for many years and have already had many chances to take both Japanese and foreign friends to the Kabuki-za Theatre before I started my service in 2010.

I believe that with some essential information about the art itself and the plays on performance, Kabuki becomes understandable and enjoyable. I am happy to help with that, in finding and conveying the intresting points of Kabuki theatre and its programs. And I wish to share my many experiences and knowledge; to show guests a part of the Japan I love as a Japanese person.

Seeing Kabuki is to see Japan’s traditional stage arts which have been established for over 400 years.

The Japanese government had a seclusion policy in place for more than two hundred years, from 1639 to 1853.

In this period, the administration was stabilized and a period of peace ensued bringing with the unique cultural development.

Kabuki is one of the best examples of this.


Kabuki, which is the most popular of the traditional Japanese stage arts, is still hugely popular in Japan.

It is said that there are so many Kabuki plays in existence.

However, only about 400 of these have retained their popularity over time.


Kabuki has developed by taking many elements of the traditional stage arts,

such as Noh theatre and Bunraku Puppet theatre and combined them with the Japanese sense of beauty.

There are many unique features of Kabuki performance including acting techniques,

costumes, wigs, stage setting mechanisms etc. that can only be seen in Kabuki.


It has been said that Kabuki is the closest you can get to a true sense of Japanese aesthetic beauty.


Kabuki is unpretentious, easy to enjoy and much more accessible than other traditional performance such as Noh theatres.

However, knowing a little background information will enhance your Kabuki experience.

Which is why we would like to provide our guests with a pre-performance presentation.


Please join us!

We are looking forward to ensuring every moment at the theatre will be unforgettable for all our guests,

beyond couples, family, student on a group tour or anything in between.

August, September and October 2016 shows

Month August September October
Venue Kabuki-za Theatre Kabuki-za Theatre Kabuki-za Theatre The National Theatre
Show Matinee Afternoon Evening Matinee Evening Matinee Evening Matinee
Performance dates 9-28 1-25 2-26 3-27
Show starts 11:00am 2:45pm 6:00pm 11:00am 4:30pm 11:00am 4:30pm 11:00am
Show ends 2:15pm 5:30pm 9:15pm 4:00pm 9:00pm 4:00pm 9:00pm 4:20pm
[Our tours] For more tours,     
Meeting time 9:30am 1:15 4:30pm 9:30am 3:00pm 9:30am 3:00pm 9:00am or 9:30am
Tour ends 10:40am 2:25pm 5:40pm 10:40am 4:10pm 10:40am 4:10pm 10:40am
Show starts 11:00am 2:45pm 6:00pm 11:00am 9:00pm 11:00am 9:00pm 11:00am
Tour fee

Ticket price at cost + 3,500 yen per person 

<Includes>  Ticket, Pre-performance visual presentation in Enghtglish (40 minutes) with Japanese tea and seets, Schedule and highlights of the show, English summaries, Useful map of the theatre and its attractions, Suggestions for the Intermission etc.

Ticket grade and price   Box: 16,500 yen                                                 1st: 14,500 yen                                                2nd: 11,000 yen                                             3A: 5,000 yen                                                          3B: 3,000 yen Box: 20,000 yen                          1st: 18,000 yen                          2nd: 14,000 yen                           3A: 6,000 yen                             3B: 4,000 yen  Box: 21,000 yen                          1st: 19,000 yen                          2nd: 15,000 yen                           3A: 6,000 yen                             3B: 4,000 yen  Superior: 13,000 yen(9,100) 1A: 10,000 yen(7,000)       1B: 6,500 yen(4,600)             2A: 5,000 yen(3,500)          2B: 2,800 yen(2,000)         3rd: 1,800 yen(1,300)           ( ): student ticket price, ID is required
Ticket pre-sale starts We buy guests' tickets before the regular sale. July 8 August 8 September 8 September 4
English device rental fee English subtitle device, rental fee: 1,000 yen (ID card is required) English audio guide, rental fee: 700 yen (deposit:1,000 yen)