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"To enhance Kabuki experience for a wide range of guests" is our mission
Handling the best seats within the category
About your guide
Since 2010

Our mission

We would like to enhance your Kabuki experience and ensure you enjoy every moment at the theatre. We love to help our guests enjoy kabuki as the Japanese do. Many our guests love the expereince so much they come to see Kabuki again and again. We believe anyone can enjoy Kabuki, including children or people with learning disabilities. Our pre-performance presentation will provide information to help everyone enjoy the Kabuki, from children, to people unfamiliar with performances, theatre goers, students, experts etc. We have hosted children in the past who have loved the bright costumes and sets, as well as couples, family, children students on a group tour. All are welcome to our tours. Lectures are available in a Japanese tea shop, a coffee shop or lecture rooms for larger groups.


Handling the best available seats within the category

Tickets are necessary to see Kabuki performance. There are advanced tickets and day tickets. Various grades are available. We procure the appropriate tickets according to our guests' preferences.

We like to use our experience of the theatres and performances to purchase tickets in the best location within your specification in the best location for your preference. We also have the opportunity to buy tickets before the regular sales giving us access to the best choice of seats (dependent on show or programs)

Sorry for no service of providing tickets only because we are not ticket agents.   

About your guide

Kazui Yabe, a female Japanese licensed tour guide, is your guide. She is also a volunteer Japanese language teacher. She has seen Japanese traditional stage arts such as Kabuki, Bunraku puppet play and Noh, over 1,000 times.

She says, "Kabuki is very fascinating performing arts. I have enjoyed Kabuki for many years! I love all performing arts including opera and musicals. I wish to share my many experiences and knowledge to show guests a part of the Japan as a Japanese person. My profound experience in Kabuki and other stage arts helps other people to enjoy, and that my enthusiasm for this kind of art is infinite. I would like to share the fascinating experience of Kabuki with as many other people as possible and I also want many people to enjoy Kabuki as much as I always do at theatres."



Since 2010

We started our service in March 2010, just before the Kabuki-za theatre was rebuilt in May 2010. Since then we have provided Kabuki experiences for tourists and foreign residents from all ovmer the world at Shinbashi Enbujyo theatre, the National Theatre, the past and present Kabuki-za theatre (reopened April 2013) and other theatres. We have great rapport with our clients and so have had some wonderful reunions at other Kabuki performances in New York City in 2014, Las Vegas in 2015 & 2016, Paris in 2018 and Hawaii in 2019. Kabuki is rarely performed outside of Japan. So when we receive information about overseas performances, we send emails to all former guests. The growing the waves of Kabuki fandom is fantastic for us! 

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Kabuki experiences at theatre, Kabuki-za Gallery etc.

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Lecture location for a small group: Japanese tea shop

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Lecture location for a big group: Japanese tea shop or lecture room